What is Speak Like a Yogi?


Speak Like a Yogi is an oportunity to deepen your understanding of Sanskrit and the overall yoga community. This chapter of each program allows us expand on a common phrase or term that you may hear around the yoga studio.  


Speak Like a Yogi in the Asana Series 

Level 1 - Namaste 

Level 2 - OM 

Level 3 - Pranayama

What is the cadence of the language program? 


Each posture is its own 'chapter'. The cadance of the Hear it, Speak it, Repeat it is... 


English name > Sanskrit name broken down> Sanskrit name quietly > Sanskrit name full speed x 3. We would recommend listening to the entire program the first time through, then you can go back and focus on specific posture names. 

What do I get when I purchase a program? 
Each program focuses on 20 popular yoga postures. In addition, you will receive a pronunciation guide and a Speak Like a Yogi chapter. Posture difficulty increases as you progress through each program level.
Is the Speak Like A Yogi language the right program for Me?


Whether you are a seasoned yogi, new to yoga, a yoga teacher, or a teacher in training - Speak Like A Yogi is for you! Our simple and easy to follow pronunciation guide will naturally increase your comfort and confidence in your next yoga class, whether you are at the front of the room or on your mat. Check out the benefits section for more details. 

What if I want to become fluent in Sanskrit?


The Speak Like A Yogi program is not for those individuals who hope to become fluent in Sanskrit. There are other programs out there that are specifically designed for individuals who hope to become conversational and if you contact me I would be happy to send a reference.  

What lineage do the pronunciations come from?

The program is based on the Krishnamacharya lingeage. Disclaimer about pronunciation: We strive to use the most commonly used pronunciation, however there are multiple variations based on the lineage.


Embrace the flow. 

Can I create a custom flow? 

Yes. Well soon... We will be launching a custom flow program for individuals and studios. You will pick the postures, we record them AND will create custom cover art. Contact Us for more information. 

What if the download does not play on my device?

Use the 'contact us' form to shoot us a message and we will help you out. No worries. 

Why do you only cover the pronunciation for Warrior II?

The Sanskrit name for warrior is the same (Virabhadrasana) regardless. We just put a I, II, or III behind the name depending on the posture. Note: The postures themselves are very different, but the names are pronounced the same. 

Why use stick figures to illustrate postures? 

We use stick figures to illustrate each posture because each yogi's body is built differently - therefore we all modify the pose slightly to honor our own feelings. Our primary focus is to teach the name and pronunciation - not alignment. Stick figures should only be used as a reference.

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How do I download the program?
  1. Go to the Speak Like A Yogi website  - http://www.SpeakLikeAYogi.com
  2. Navigate to the 'SHOP' tab. 
  3. Click on 'Buy Now'  (You will be redirected to a secure site).
  4. Click the 'I want this' button.
  5. Fill out the required fields.
  6. Click the 'Get' button. 
  7. The screen will refresh and you will be taken to download page.
  8. Now you have options as to how you would like to get the download. You can also choose to put a password so you can always view the recording on gumroad too.  The password box will pop up right under the 'view product' and 'open in app' buttons. Put in your password and click 'add'.
    • View Product - By clicking 'view product' you will be taken to a page where you can download the files to your computer.

    • Open in App-  This is the best option to get it on your phone or tablet. Send yourself a SMS message, download the app and play away! 

See How it Works


See How it Works


FAQ's Sanskrit Pronunciation for Yoga Poses

110% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Speak Like A Yogi program within 14 days we will give you a 110% refund. No questions asked. Must be done with 14 days of purchase date. 

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