Become more confident with Sanskrit

Speak Like A Yogi uses a 'Call and Response' cadance allowing you to easily and naturally learn proper pronunciation of each posture. Learn at your own pace by replaying the chapter as many times as necessary.

Easy to Learn 
Deepen Your Practice  

Deepen your practice by understanding Sanskrit words, how they relate to the asanas and to energy within the body. 

Improve your Understanding.

Feel the Sacred Vibration 

Sanskrit has been spoken and chanted for centeries. Through that time we have discovered and re-discovered the benefits of the vibration created within our bodies. Bathe in the sacred sound.

Increase Volcabulary 

Have you ever been in a yoga class and heard eka-pada-what and had to look around to know what posture the class was doing? The Speak Like A Yogi Programs will help you to learn posture names in both English and Sanskrit. Not only will you be able to pronounce Sanskrit postures correctly, but you will also be able to pick up on Sanskrit in yoga classes more easily. 

Take It Anywhere 

Each program can be downloaded to your laptop, smart phone or tablet offering you the freedom to practice on your schedule.

* TIP: Download the program to your phone and take it to the studio to review postures right before class or before your exam.

Share More Love & Light

Learning makes us all glow a little bit more. Personal enrichment allows our inner light to shine brighter. Learn More. Share More Love and Light. 

Connect to something bigger.


Why not?! There are a couple of main differences why you would choose Speak Like A Yogi over alternative methods for learning how to pronounce the Sanskrit names for yoga postures.


  • Specifically designed to help individuals become more confident when pronouncing the Sanskrit names for yoga poses.

    We designed the program out of necessity and because of that it is perfect for anyone looking to start their yoga practice, start yoga teacher training or to brush up on Sanskrit.


  • Easy to follow 'Call and Response' cadence.

    Call and Response has been used to teach almost every ancient language even before we had written record. It is still commonly used today and that is because it works! We sepearted each individual asana into its own chapter so you can focus on one poses or listen to the entire program at once.


  • Easy of use and inexpensive.

    The program can easily be downloaded to your phone or computer in less than 5 minutes! At less than 3% of the cost of an average yoga teacher training it is a great value. 

Why Speak Like A Yogi?



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