Inspired by Sacred Vibration


Speak Like A Yogi was born out of the desire to become something greater. The program was specifically designed to help new and seasoned yogis alike to learn how to pronounce the Sanskrit names for popular yoga poses. 


We slightly modified  the centuries old technique of teaching Sanskrit through the 'Call and Response' method.  Our program is designed to feel like there is a yogi master sitting in front of you guiding you through the lesson.  Each Level is broken up into chapters so you can easily go directly to the word you are looking to learn (Eka-pada---- what?!) or listen to the entire program like you would your favorite music album. You will feel more confident in Sanskrit regardless of if you are on your mat or at the front of the room. As you progress you will begin to bathe in the sacred vibrations created when you open your heart and mind to something new. 



Inspired by sacred vibration. Created so Sanskrit is accessible to all. Driven by the teacher in all things. Living each day to spread more love and light.

Speak Like A Yogi. 


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Driven by the Teacher in All Things


Speak Like A Yogi was founded by a Yogini Entrepreneur who was searching for a solution to a problem. She took her business, technical and collaboration skills gained from years in the corporate world and her MBA to create a Sanskrit Language Program that helps yogis to understand and pronounce the Sanskrit names for yoga poses.  Speak Like A Yogi brings in only the best yogi masters to participate in the creation of the program. See for yourself...









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